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Frog in Hand Site Specific Dance & Choreography for Emerging Professionals


Half Day



DATE: October 6, 2018

PHOTO CREDIT: Alvin Collantes

Frog in Hand dancers rehearsing: Mayumi Lashbrook, Ofilio Sinbadinho, Madeline Wright, with Colleen Snell and Noelle Hamlyn looking on.

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Frog in Hand is thrilled to partner the Small Arms Society with this workshop as part of their In Situ Festival! Explore and deepen your understanding of site-specific performance and creation in this 4-hour workshop facilitated by Frog in Hand Artistic Director Colleen Snell. Unfolding at multiple locations throughout the Small Arms Building, this workshop will guide movers as they investigate site-specific tools, and the inspiring possibilities of this unique historic site. The workshop will involvean easeful and rigorous warmup, time to explore the space, and considered approaches to improvisation. We will learn "site-analysis," how to identify the poetic and technical potential of a space. Participants will work collaboratively to devise their own creative projects, and the workshop will culminate in a small sharing. Includes a snack break.

Participants will be able to deepen their experience, preparation and engagement with the Small Arms Society's In Situ Festival. 

Dancers, choreographers, actors and anyone committed to a physical practice are invited to participate. The building and washrooms are wheelchair accessible. We welcome diverse artists from all backgrounds.

This workshop will be held at the Small Arms Inspection Building (1352 Lakeshore Road, a short walk from Long Branch Station). The building is a creative hub with a rich heritage in the Mississauga area. It is an open space ideal for collaboration between students, educators, professionals and community members. This special space drives possibilities for learning and developing together. For more:


As the artistic director of Frog in Hand, Colleen Snell has created site-sensitive, site-specific and promenade style works, and has researched ways of moving an audience through space and interacting with both the public and the environment. Some of these works tell a specific story, others are more abstract. Colleen is a cast member of the TranscenDance Project, an immersive, site-specific retelling of Dracula.


"Snell has a long history of presenting site-specific and environment responsive work, and this was my first time experiencing her craft in action. I use the word craft because it was so measured and clear." 
- Molly Johnson, the Dance Current

"It was wonderful, powerful, compelling, emotional, and not to be missed"
- Daniel Levinson, Rapier Wit

"(Working with Frog in Hand) I have grown to appreciate critical thinking; understanding why something works/doesn’t, how it can be used in practice in identifying details and intention. The experience has also helped me better understand myself. Being in such a positive and welcoming environment has enabled freedom in the way I perceive, taking away judgment or shame."
- Claire Whitaker, Frog in Hand youth apprenticeship participant


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