School Workshops

  • Behind the Scenes at InSitu 2018
    Behind the Scenes at InSitu 2018

    Grade 6-12

    Arts and Performance

    Half Day / Full Day



    These workshops are aimed at students in Grades 6 through 12, with curriculum connections to careers, music, physical movement and more. Students will participate with artists, performers, dancers, puppeteers, musicians, lighting and sound professionals in this not-to-be-missed opportunity to meet the artists and be part of the In Situ 2018 Multi Arts Festival.

  • Graffiti: Art on the Line
    Graffiti: Art on the Line

    Grade 9-12

    Visual Art

    Full Day


    Learn about graffiti culture, study the medium and experiment with line, weight, lettering, style and content. Lead by SAS Resident Moises Frank Aka LUVSUMONE, students will be challenged to consider the impact of graffiti as a written and visual medium and to reflect on the cultural and social position of graffiti historically and within a contemporary content.

  • Rhythm & Rhyme
    Rhythm & Rhyme

    Grade 11-12

    English, Drama, Music

    Full Day


    Find your rhythm while exploring the mystery and joy of rhyme. Learn with SAS Resident and spoken word artist/musician Callahan Connor. Using both written and spoken word mediums students will examine both classic and contemporary examine the nature of rhythm while working with the musical punctuation of rhyme.

  • Upcoming workshops
    Upcoming workshops

    We're hard at work developing new workshops, so keep an eye out for them!

  • What is Community?
    What is Community?

    Grade 6-8

    Social Studies

    Half Day / Full Day

    10am-12pm / 10am-2pm

    $6 / Student Half Day; $11.50 / Student Full Day

    This workshop is offered in partnership with Museums Mississauga. It teaches about community-building and links to significant heritage of the area. Highlights include historical profiles, visual art creation, geo-cacheing and letter writing.

  • WWII: Canadian History on the Home Front
    WWII: Canadian History on the Home Front

    Grade 10


    Full Day


    $18 / Student

    Workshop modules pay tribute to the heritage of this space as an ammunitions inspection building and hub for working women of WWII. Highlights include historical reenactments, social dance lessons, propoganda creation, and sound building in assembly-line style.

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