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Alex Pollard (City Centre Dance)

Alex has performed in various showcases in Toronto and has worked for companies such as, Jim Steinman’s Bat out of Hell, The Juno Awards, YTV’s “The Next Star,” Much Music, OMNI Television, Army of Sass, A2D2 Aerial Dance Cirque Company, Sanskriti Arts and much more. Alex has worked with and backup danced for many various and diverse artists, including Juno Award Nominee, Marlowe and the Mix. He has also back-up danced for Shweta Subram; an Indo-Urban Canadian artist for the IIFA Awards Buzz Event, and is featured in Brooklyn Roebuck’s (YTV’s “The Next Star” Winner) music video “Lemon and Lime.” Samantha Schleese and Melissa Hart created SaMel Tanz on the premise - "Free to be all of 'dance' through limitless exploration". "Travelling" through spaces and creating vibrant stories of the human experiences, for them, risking familiarity and facing uncertainty, is the best way to uncover 
answers to satisfy the soul.

Un – (Covered) is a story about the coming of age between two beautiful young women who identify within the LGBTQ+ Community. This story deals with the ups, downs, the good, and the bad when coming out in hopes that the world will like you for you. This story takes the audience through the coming out journey between these two women, who inevitably end up falling in love and find the courage to come out together. This immersive set will allow audience members to feel the various emotional struggles that one faces when coming out.

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