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Build for Bokma

Build for Bokma is a not-for-profit organization located in Toronto, Ontario, their mandate is to create multifunctional skateable public structures. Their long-term goal is to develop a community-built skatepark that commemorates the life of (Canadian pro skateboarder) Justin Bokma. The group is focused on fostering a long-lasting dialog with the public and future generations of skaters by utilizing under developed spaces in an innovative and creative way. The demand for more places to skateboard is on the rise across the country and, BFB intends to further integrate skateboarding with future developments, initiatives, and community-lead activities within the city of Toronto.


Semblance is an art installation featuring skateable sculptures conceived and constructed by Build for Bokma.

Bokma By VOITEK(1).jpg
Bokma by VOITEK(2).jpg
Bokma by VOITEK(3).jpg
Bokma by VOITEK(4).jpg
Bokma by VOITEK(7).jpg
Bokma by VOITEK(5).jpg
Bokma by VOITEK(8).jpg
Bokma by VOITEK(9).jpg
Bokma by VOITEK(10).jpg
Bokma by VOITEK(11).jpg
Bokma by VOITEK.jpg
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