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C-Command (Callahan Connor)

C-Command is a rapper, spoken word artist, and musician from Mississauga. Six years ago he experienced freestyle rapping in a lucid dream, and since then has been seeking language flow consciousness mysteries. He has just returned to Canada from 3 years of living in India, teaching English and studying the fascinating rhythmic complexity of Indian Classical music. His own dense rhythms and layered wordplay seek to capture the joyous momentum of a mind moving, discovering, and making sense of things. He is delighted to be debuting his second solo
show at the In Situ Festival 2018.

when i step to the mic, step to the right
lest you ignite from my breath, which is
tendin to light s#&^ on fire
like a righteous bonfire
and i might just go hog wild
like this

liken it to king midas with a mic grip

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