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Canadian Community Arts Initiative

Canadian Community Arts Initiative is a registered non profit organization with Government of Ontario. CCAI is dedicated to the development of arts and arts-related events and festivals in Greater Toronto Area. CCAI is governed by a dedicated volunteer board of Directors who are accomplished in their respective fields of art and culture and related areas. CCAI presents annual TD Mosaic Festival, Rock The Coliseum Indie Music Festival, MISAFF film festival, Virsa Visual arts and many collaborative theatre, musical and visual art events.

Twelve Mississauga seniors were engaged in a short documentary making workshops. Produced by CCAI, the workshops were conducted and designed by Montreal/Mississauga film maker, Arshad Khan. Given cameras
and instruction workshop, along with script writing and other details , the seniors made the films which were professionally
edited by Arshad Khan, Karan Singh and Etienne Gagnon. They were screened on the large newly built screens of Celebration
Square Mississauga during TD Mosaic Festival in 2011. The age of the film makers mentioned is at the time of the project. Some of  them are no more but their memory lives. 

Film Makers:

Adriana Burigana
Age: 70
“A place I call Home”

Amir Ahmed
Age: 74
“My Way”

Bhagvat Panday
“Corner Shop”

Edna Toth

Samresh C Nandy (Late)
Age: 68
“Going Vegan: For Love of the Environment”

Archana Singh
“My Life Through Movies”

Khursheed Akhtar (Late)
Age: 77
“Morning Walk”

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