Culinary Market Manager

Mississauga, ON, Canada

Job Type

Seasonal Part Time

About the Role

CreativeHub 1352 is seeking an experienced Culinary Market Manager to join the team in the run-up to the Mississauga Festival of Trees December 2-11, leading on all aspects of operations management for the Culinary Market.
For just one special week every year, the Mississauga Festival of Trees gathers the community together to celebrate the winter season, art, food, and community. Showcasing local music, art and installations, artisan and culinary markets, participatory projects, workshops, and more, there is something for everybody!


  • Managing vendor scheduling, booth/layout assignment, collection of fees and implementation and adherence to the Market’s vendor policies;

  • Assist with identifying and securing potential vendors for the culinary market;

  • Liaising with CreativeHub 1352 staff, volunteers, and MFT Committees to ensure the ongoing planning, design and smooth operations of the Market;

  • Ensuring the Market and Festival Servery meets and maintains all regional and municipal health, safety and operation regulations;

  • Assist with the application and approval of the Festival’s AGCO permit;

  • Managing budget/bookkeeping activities related to the Culinary Market, including tracking of vendor fees;

  • Managing Culinary Market operations and on-site logistics during Market dates (December 9-11, 2022);

  • Organizing pre-planning of Festival Food & Beverage Servery, operating Dec 2-4 and 6-10, and management of the Food & Beverage (Servery) Supervisor;

  • Maintaining existing relationships and building new relationships with vendors and the Market community;

  • Leading on-site communication with CreativeHub 1352 stakeholders, including staff, vendors, volunteers, attendees;

  • Supporting the CreativeHub 1352 Volunteer Director in the support of onsite volunteers;

  • Attending virtual/in-person MFT Market Committee meetings, events, and activities as required;

  • Other areas to which the Parties agree.


  • Experience developing, implementing and executing events

  • Skilled in project management

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills

  • Hotel/Hospitality degree an asset


October 17 to December 13th 2022. 15 hrs/week @ 7 weeks between October 17 to December 5th 2022 (105 hours), and 30 hrs/week @ 1 week from December 6th to December 13th, 2022 (30 hours).



About CreativeHub 1352

CreativeHub 1352 is a non-profit, charitable, community-driven organization which exists for the advancement of community cultural development through the arts, heritage, and environmental sciences. CreativeHub 1352 is one of many groups vital to the reuse of the historically significant Small Arms Inspection Building, owned and operated by the City of Mississauga. As a community programming partner, we work across the arts, heritage, environment and technology to deliver a mix of programs, projects, education and events that foster collaboration and community engagement that enrich people’s lives.

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