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Director of Strategic Initiatives

Mississauga, ON, Canada

Job Type

Volunteer Board of Directors Opportunity

About the Role

The CreativeHub 1352 Director of Strategic Initiatives is an executive and voting member of
the Board of Directors and appointed in a manner consistent with the bylaws of the
organization. CreativeHub 1352’s Director of Strategic Initiatives works collaboratively with
the Chair, Executive Committee, Board of Directors, volunteers, and staff to support the


The Director of Strategic Initiatives oversees and advises the CreativeHub 1352 Board on

strategic direction and is responsible for:

● Assist the Board in providing oversight on CreativeHub 1352’s strategic direction,

board governance, and fiduciary health;

● Participate actively in Board meetings and the governance of CreativeHub 1352

through formulation, review and execution oversight of the business decisions

guiding the overall direction of CreativeHub 1352;

● Provide oversight as it relates to relationships with key stakeholders, legal council,

charitable status, and capital fundraising;

● Assist officers in identifying volunteers and future Board members;

● Foster forward thinking while supporting CreativeHub 1352’s mission, goals, policies,

programs, strengths and needs;

● Monitor programs and activities for relevance, mission alignment and achievement of

expected outcomes;

● Act in place of the Chair when required;

● Serve as a member of the Executive and Finance Committees;

● Perform other duties as assigned by the Chair;

● Fulfill other general Board duties as required.


● Ability to think strategically and to guide CreativeHub 1352 into the future;

● Knowledge and skills in Board governance: policy, finance, advocacy;

● Demonstrated leadership skills;

● Ability to build strong working relationships with the Board members, staff, and

external partners;

● Understanding and awareness of professional and business issues pertinent to

CreativeHub 1352;

● An ability to commit the time required to fulfil the responsibilities described;

● Relevant College and/​or University degree or applicable experience;

● Volunteer Board Experience is an asset.




Volunteer position

About CreativeHub 1352

CreativeHub 1352 is looking for a Director of Strategic Initiatives to join our Board of
Directors and support the current Chair, providing oversight on the organization’s strategic
direction, board governance, and fiduciary health.
CreativeHub 1352 is a non-profit, charitable, community-driven organization which exists for
the advancement of community cultural development through the arts, heritage, and
environmental sciences.

CreativeHub 1352 is one of many groups vital to the reuse of the
Small Arms Inspection Building, a historically significant site, owned and operated by the
City of Mississauga. As a community programming partner, we deliver a mix of programs,
projects, education, and events that foster collaboration, engage the community, and enrich
people's lives. All proceeds are reinvested to support community arts, heritage and
environmental programs.

To Apply

Please send your resume to David Howes, at:

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