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Cathraw Park
Sacred Places

Teachers: Kelly Brady and Meghan Monaghan

Working with Architect and Artist Ken Snell Grade 10 students from
Cawthra Park Secondary RAP Visual Arts considered the form and
spaces considered to be Sacred.

What are the physical qualities of sacred? When and how does a space transform to become a sacred place? Referencing but straying far beyond faith-based architectural forms, Grade 10 RAP Visual Arts students have considered how they identify places as special, respond to architectural form as ‘sacred’, and attribute meaning to places. Working from this personal understanding of space, students have designed and built models intended to keep an object or memory great personal significance. Places for safe keeping 


Participating Students:

Eraj Zaidi
Jennifer Li
Chantal Khallil
Liza Plaxiy
Natalia Gawrys
Evelyn Du
Ellie Chi
Agnes Hu
Gayet Habeeb
Keerthana Uthiramrur Roshna Ali
Husna Darwish
Eileen Chen
Luna Hong
Erin Humphries
Yvonne Zahna
Rah Al-Tantawi
Won Hee Lee
Ona Kwok
Ronit Sharma
Ethan Ng
Michelle Shen
Margaret Hryciuk
Maya Molina
Noelle Hamlyn
Parker Bayer
Shane Sahota
Havva Priebe

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