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Cathraw Park
Wabi Sabi

Teacher: Susanne Robinson.
Head of Visual Arts: Don Ball

As part of In Situ 2016 grade 11 Visual Arts students from Cawthra Park Secondary School worked with visiting painter Jane Mothersell. Working in the building before the South Hall renovation, students explored the space through the lens of Wabi-sabi. Seeing beauty in decay, the concept of Wabi-sabi reminds us we are transient on this planet—that our bodies, and the world around us, are in the process
of returning to dust. Seeing the space as it was captured moments in the cycle of growth, decay, and erosion that are always present in the frayed edges, cracked concrete, rust, and liver spots of a place.

After In Situ 2016, the SAS was so taken by the work of these young artists, they purchased the collection as the first of what we hope will become a Small Arms Legacy Collection. SAS is delighted these paintings are again on the walls of this space – and marvel at the change of the space over two short years. As we exhibit this collection we reflect on the need to embrace both the glory and the melancholy found in the marks of passing time.


Participating Students:

Amy Bian
Jacob Bland
Steven Cheung
Faiza Chowdhury
Emili Franklin
Cynthia Hua
Emily Kung
Virginia Lone Garcia
Anandith Nair
Nikolas Papastathopoulos
Michele Peszor
Devin Plaatjes

Kanishk Ramesh
Maya Reingold
Arumitha Sasiharan
Simony Stock
Angie Surjanto
Jonathan Vlahiotis
Kristen Vlahiotis
Megan Vlahiotis
Adam Wilde
Mathew Cavasinni
Catherine Cha
Martin Chan
Emma Chudoba
Lauren Fox
Ariana Fraser
Emily Gomes
Cherissa Greenidge
Anna Hillar
Mei-Anne Hills
Hesam Hosseini
Victor Khounvisith Tse
Camille Lin
Nancy Nong
Jessica Nummi
Erica Rippon
Connor Scoffield
Serena Seow
Christine Servidad
Sasha Shevchenko
Rui Shi
Sydney Sidoriak
Christina Talle
Angela Yang

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