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FRee*ArT (Claudio Ghirardo)

Claudio Ghirardo introduces his alter ego fREe-ART. FrEE_art is an experimenter and nomad, he was created as a way to free himself to imagine and create other forms of art. Within this imaginative character, he freely explores chaos theory, process, imagination, spontaneity, and narrative without being branded in a set style. 


Speaker, author and educator Sir Ken Robinson gave a TED TALK on the importance of imagination in relation to education and community impact. He stated that in the 50's, people had hopes because they could 'imagine' flying cars and travelling to the moon, they could imagine a bright future. Because we no longer seem to value or teach ways to imagine in school, we now live in a world where we can't imagine a future. "Picture That" calls for individuals to freely re-activate their imagination/creativity, to use art as a form of problem solving – a way to imagine this space, travel to places unvisited, and 'imagine' possibilities beyond four walls.

Claudio Ghirardo Photo by SCHOLTZ(1).jpg
Claudio Ghirardo Photo by SCHOLTZ(2).jpg
Claudio Ghirardo Photo by SCHOLTZ.jpg
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