Conteur Dance

Eight dancers from Conteur Dance Academy's graduating class will explore the past, present and future of the Small Arms Building through improvised dance. The dancers will work in collaboration with two musicians from the Humber music program. These "pop up" performances are a reflection on the ambience, character and shape of the space, as well as it's transformation across the years. This work was created in collaboration with Conteur faculty Colleen Snell and Frog in Hand company member Philippe Poirier. Thanks to Conteur directors Dani Matte and Eryn Waltman for their support.

Dancers, collaborators:
Baylie Chapados
Camryn Nicholson
Diana Murgu
Jenna Schievink
Jordyn Winger
Kennedy Bennett
Kyla Richardson
Rachel Korting

Musicians, collaborators:
Ethan Tilbury (bass) and Kyle Tarder-Stoll (saxophone)

Facilitator/Instructor Colleen Snell
Rehearsal direction: Philippe Poirier

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