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Fausta Facciponte

Fausta graduated from the University of Toronto in 1990, and received her MFA from Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2016. She has exhibited her artwork throughout North America, Latin America and Asia, and her photographs are in the collections of the McMaster Museum of Art, the Peel Art Gallery Museum + Archives, and the Art Gallery
of Mississauga. Fausta’s work is represented by the Stephen Bulger Gallery in Toronto.

My work engages with the idea of collecting, arranging and re-presenting. With this installation, I arranged an assortment of reclaimed dolls on the steps of a derelict staircase. The dolls offer the viewer a visual delight, but their placement also serve to block the use of the stairway which is currently not accessible to the public. The installation investigates space through the arrangement of objects that cascade vertical and horizonal space. The dolls fill a layered space that is above and below the viewer’s eye level. Place is investigated by the way reclaimed objects assert a new narrative in the present. Each doll occupies a place; collectively they guard the staircase and discourage the viewer from entering.

Fausta Fasticone by VOITEK.jpg
Fausta Fasticonne by GABRIELA.jpg
Fausta Fasticonne by GABRIELA(1).jpg
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