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Frog in Hand

Frog in Hand was founded on the belief that art can and should happen everywhere; we are a collective of artists who create in unusual spaces. We have performed with In Situ 2016, Toronto Fringe 2018, Guelph Dance Festival, Hillside Inside, Mississauga Waterfront Festival, AGO, the Banff Centre and Springboard Danse. We exist to cultivate Mississauga as a cultural hub, creating opportunities for suburban artists to remain connected to their community and making dance with a high degree of artistic merit. Frog in Hand aspires to illuminate the human condition by connecting artistic themes to communities and spaces. 

The body hurtles through space, collapses, gives in to gravity. We land, we crash. This is the choreographic language of The Fall, an original, site-specific dance by Frog in Hand. The Fall explores the battle to stay upright, the influence of gravity, exhaustion, control and loss of control. Choreography involves a massive, thick crash mat and explores The Small Arms Inspection Building’s immense, lofty space. This is the story of our relationship with the speed of life.

At the edge of the abyss, do we fly or do we fall?

Supported by the Ontario Arts Council

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