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Genevieve Patchell

Genevieve Patchell is an emerging multidisciplinary artist primarily working in clay. A love of art led her to take Fine Art at Fanshawe College where she focused on drawing and painting although she’s experimented with a plethora of mediums and techniques over the years. Not knowing anyone during a brief stint in Edmonton, she signed up for a pottery class on a whim and was hooked on clay from the start. Genevieve is currently the studio coordinator at the local potters’ guild but continues her exploration with various materials such as wood, metal, and found objects.

Random discarded objects, rusty metal from the lake, hunks of wood fragile clay spindles useless on their own - can i make something out of these nothings? What is it about a chair - one i cannot sit upon without breaking? The abandoned chair has been a recurring theme in my art. I like the consideration of form from the designer and the meticulous detail from a furniture maker and the shoddy repair done by the owner. Duct taped seats, oozing wood glue at the mortise and tenon now dried up in one single almost spherical drip towards the floor.  Crackled and peeling paint covering the smooth wood peeking through. These tiny glimpses of someone’s thought process or  intuition are what enthrall me; the broken and discarded tell a better story than the shiny and new. I aim to take these forgotten pieces and write a new narrative

Gen Patchellby MIKE SCHOLTZ.jpg
Gen Patchel by SCHOLTZ.jpg
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