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Collection Curators

Liz Tsui, Maggie Thomas, Bill Thomas, Kim Lee, Kadeem, Brandon Lista

The artists, writers, designers, and creative minds behind InSitu 2024.

Liz Tsui

Collection Curator/Artist

Liz is an artist and educator based in Toronto. Her practice is guided by the understanding that there are numerous obstacles to accessing arts programming, including but not limited to: physical, academic, economic, and language barriers. In response, Liz facilitates skill development workshops in 3D modelling & printing, painting, and printmaking for communities across the GTA, such as the Working Women Community Centre, for participants of all ages. In her practice, Liz frequently reflects on themes of belonging and the meaning of “home” in relation to her identity as a third generation Chinese-Canadian settler in Canada through creative interventions with popular media and mundane ephemera.

Maggie Thomas

Collection Curator/Art Educator

Maggie Thomas is an art educator with a decade of experience at the Peel District School Board. Her aptitude for teaching art was first evident in kindergarten, with classmates often gathering around her desk to learn new techniques (usually involving a lot of white glue and tissue paper). She is currently the Head of Arts at Port Credit Secondary School, where she teaches both digital and traditional visual art. She aims to inspire students by offering real-world experiences that highlight the authentic and gratifying nature of creating art. She holds an Honours B.A. from the University of Toronto, an Advanced Diploma from Sheridan College, and a B.Ed. from Queen’s University.

Bill Thoms

Collection Curator/Art Educator

Bill graduated from York University with an M.F.A. in 1998. As a graduate student, had the opportunity to work with undergraduate students and discovered the joy of teaching both technical skills and creative thinking. Bill went on to complete a B.Ed. in 2001. Bill land a job teaching Visual Arts at Cawthra Park Secondary School and has remained there for his teaching career.

Ken Snell:  

Retired architect, former Program Coordinator, and Professor of Architectural Technology at Sheridan College. His approach to place making is at once poetic and pragmatic as he searches for invisible connections between buildings, people and memory.

Christine Bellerby:

U of T School of Architecture Graduate, certified Designer, Owner and Principal Architectural Designer of BELLERBY DESIGN. Christine believes that we make connections with buildings we live in and that if we listen, they will tell us a story.

Michael Lemiski: 

Michael Lemiski is a photographer and multi-instrumentalist with a background in engineering and project consulting.

Kim-Lee Kho

Kim-Lee Kho is a Canadian multidisciplinary artist of Chinese-Indonesian and British descent, exploring personal experience as a gateway to broader human concerns. She has participated nationally in exhibitions, residencies, and mentorships. Kho's recent projects include: Burnt Offerings, an ambitious multidisciplinary solo exhibition at Station Gallery in Whitby Ontario (2023); Hidden Complexity, a public art project at the Oakville Centre for Performing Arts; and the photo series My Father’s Things which launched as part of the 2022 View Find[H]er exhibition at the Art Gallery of Mississauga. Kho is a popular and experienced speaker, juror, and art educator, teaching art to adults in both digital and traditional media.

Tricia Fitzpatrick

Grade 11 Environmental Science Cawthra Park Secondary School The students of Ms. Fitzpatrick’s Environmental Science class have collaborated to bring together Science and Art in their exploration of human impacts on water and waterways and our role in listening to the stories of the past to secure a better future for our planet. We invite you to share your stories and become part of our project. Sabrina, Julianne, Rowan, Claire, Lily, Faaria, Oliver, Olivia P, Alina, Angel, Ashleigh, Bree, Bridget, Erik, Jaidex, Katherine M, Katherine C, Maddy, Martina, Odette, Olivia S, Oscar, Sam, Zain and Ms. Fitz.

Kadeem Dunn

Kadeem Dunn is a Mississauga-based innovator and game designer whose work is focussed primarily on the intersection of digital and physical spaces and how our lives can be altered through a combination of play and technology. Identifying as both Black Canadian and Jamaican, Kadeem's work also focusses on the role that racialization plays in both the production and consumption of technology, media, and society at large. With over fifteen years in game development and education, Kadeem has contributed to a brave new generation of game developers through tutoring, curriculum development, publications, lectures, and interactive projects.

Brandon Lista

Though he’s fairly new to Storytelling, Brandon Lista has a long-standing love affair with fantasy, one that blossomed from a young age between the pages of books and has matured over time through games and table-top roleplaying. This yarn-spinner brings a bardic flair to his telling’s, and has fallen so deeply for the art form that he now sits on the board of Storytelling Toronto. He is enamoured with how stories carry knowledge and wisdom across time, and how the stories we hold in our hearts shape and affect the realities that we live in. Through it all, Brandon’s love for teaching shines through as a lifelong coach and educator. Not to be pinned down, this engineering graduate keeps busy with myriad interests, from sailing and gardening to running his family’s beloved brewery.

Collection Curators
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