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Participating Artists

Meet The Artists

Read the bio and artist statement for the amazing pieces you will discover at The Lakeview Village InSitu 2024

Shannon Pirie, PhD

Shannon Pirie, PhD, is a professor of Architectural Technology and a maker. Printmaking, collage and pottery have been the mediums of choice for her latest projects, but she originally started oil painting in 1981. Research-Creation is an important part of the nexus between her interest in high-performance construction, community-making, design thinking, moderation of consumption, and narrative. The making of space and place, and the differences between the two are at the heart of how she teaches and what she spends most of her time thinking about.

Kim-Lee Kho

Multidisciplinary Artist

Kim-Lee Kho is a Canadian multidisciplinary artist of Chinese-Indonesian and British descent, exploring personal experience as a gateway to broader human concerns. She has participated nationally in exhibitions, residencies, and mentorships. Kho's recent projects include: Burnt Offerings, an ambitious multidisciplinary solo exhibition at Station Gallery in Whitby Ontario (2023); Hidden Complexity, a public art project at the Oakville Centre for Performing Arts; and the photo series My Father’s Things which launched as part of the 2022 View Find[H]er exhibition at the Art Gallery of Mississauga. Kho is a popular and experienced speaker, juror, and art educator, teaching art to adults in both digital and traditional media.

Fehn Foss (she/her)

Interdisciplinary Artist

Fehn Foss (she/her) is an interdisciplinary artist, teacher, writer, and athlete based in Tsí-Tkaron:to/Toronto. She values the possibilities of art-making as a potential site for experimentation with materials and collaboration with human and non-human beings, in order to tell different stories. Foss recently completed her MFA in Visual Arts from York University (2023). Her thesis project was funded by a SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarship and was nominated for a thesis prize. Foss has exhibited her work at NAMARA Project Space, the Image Centre, and Gallery 44 (Toronto), Knot Project Space (Ottawa), Eastern Edge (St. John’s) and the Art Gallery of Hamilton (Hamilton).

Ashley Aalto

Multidisciplinary Artist

As a multi-disciplinary artist, Ashley Aalto's creative journey unfolds as a dedicated exploration of tradition within the context of contemporary expression. By combining traditional cultural crafts and contemporary art, she seeks to initiate conversations that bridge generational and cultural divides. As she continues to grow in her practice, the focus of Ashley’s work remains largely on visual storytelling —a conduit for profound emotional connections. As a key contributor to the art installation "Uniplex", featured in Toronto’s 2023 Nuit Blanche festival, Ashley explores various mediums of self-expression through a wide range of experimental practices. Through her artistic endeavors, she invites viewers to explore the nuanced and ever-evolving dialogue between tradition and modernity while also fostering an appreciation for our shared human narrative.

Kadeem Dunn

Keitha Keeshig-Tobias

Contemporary Anishnaabe/Lenape Artist

Keitha Keeshig-Tobias a contemporary Anishnaabe/Lenape artist creating a world where her children feel safe to be anything they want to be & reclaim Indigenous science thru art

Mina Vancardo


Mina Vancardo graduated with a BA in Art and Art History from the University of Toronto. Immediately following her degree, she completed her Bachelor of Education and has been teaching teens Visual Arts since 2001. A balance of classical and emotional (technical and experimental) instruction is the center of her teaching practice; encouraging her students to learn from artists while experimenting and exploring as an approach to finding the artist within. She currently teaches at St. Joan of Arc in Mississauga.

Fausta Facciponte

Visual Artist/Professor

Fausta Facciponte is a visual artist and professor in the Art and Art History Program at University of Toronto Mississauga and Sheridan College. By day, she navigates the ordinary world, but by night, she transforms into a toy rescuer extraordinaire. With a keen eye for the overlooked and the discarded, she scours bedrooms, thrift stores, and forgotten corners to rescue toys that have been loved and lost. Seeing broken limbs and dirt-stained surfaces as tokens of love, she believes in the enduring spirit of toys and the stories they carry. She has a heartwarming mission and a magic touch that breathes new life into each rescued toy.

Jo Yetter (they/them)

Interdisciplinary Artist

Careful selector of words and harbourer of objects, Jo's guiding compass is reciprocity with material and language. They are an interdisciplinary artist working with text, printmaking, objects and place-specificity. Jo's practice is to be still, to gather, to dwell and to hold onto the remnants of un/a-gendered mothering performed by and between myself and inanimate beings. Their being is only concerned with stewing, not digesting, just gestating, living precariously anchored to a porous surface. Jo practices care that is maintenance, nourishment and obligation.

Mike Sholz


Receiving his first camera at a young age, Michael has been fascinated with the shades, colours, textures and details surrounding him every day. Through his extensive 30+ year professional career as an award winning commercial photographer, he’s utilized 35mm-8x10 film format cameras, creating images for small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. As a self-taught pho- tographer, it’s a joy to problem solve and continually be challenged by new assignments and constant evolving technologies. With a keen eye for detail, he continues to SEE the world and embraces every opportunity to capture it. Michael is a long-time resident of Lakeview, Mississauga, as well as an active community leader and volunteer for a number of organizations. In addition to his commercial photography, his extensive marketing and internet experience con- tinues to benefit clients he serves. “Life is a journey, but looking through many lenses allows you to SEE so much more.” Michael Scholz Self proclaimed Timelord Imprisoning moments of time for all eternity

Noelle Hamlyn


Noelle Hamlyn combines her active studio practice with her theatre practice. She holds credentials in both Craft and Fine Art with an Advanced Diploma in Textiles (Sheridan College School of Craft and Design), a BFA (School of the Art Institute of Chicago) and most recently a Graduate Diploma in Costuming (Fanshawe College). She is Design

Director of Frog and Hand Productions Inc. – a site specific dance theatre company. Her theatre work includes productions at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Art Gallery of Ontario, Living Arts Centre Mississauga and the Toronto Fringe Festival. Her art practice has represented Canada at the Cheongju International Craft Biennale,

Biennale Internationale Du Lin de Portneuf, Quebec, and The International Lace Competition (Power House Museum, Sydney).

She has shown in London, New York, Hong Kong and Tokyo and nationally exhibited at Museum of Vancouver, Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Art Gallery of Mississauga, Durham Art Gallery, and Mississippi Valley Textile Museum. Permanent collections include Cambridge Art Gallery, City of Mississauga, Peel Art Gallery Museum+ Archives, Peel Board of Education, Japanese Paper Place and Cleveland University Hospitals.

Her work was been recognized as a Salt Spring National Art Prize 2017 Finalist, Best in Show at Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition (2014, 2019).

Residencies include the Banff Centre, Harbourfront Centre, Burren College of Art, Salt Spring Arts Council, and Barefoot College, Tanzania, re-designing / building Bee-Keeping suits as social-enterprise.

Joel Ong

Media Artist

Joel Ong is a media artist whose works explore the way objects and spaces can function as repositories of ‘frozen sound’, and in elucidating these, he is interested in creating “art (that) does not reside in material entities, but in relations between people and between people and the components of their environment” (Burnham, 1968). Joel is currently Associate Professor in Computational Arts and the Helen Carswell Chair in Community Engaged Research in the Arts at York University in Toronto, Canada.


Dadaist and Outsider Artist

FrEE_ARt is a conceptual character, Dadaist and Outsider Artist. It prefers to use materials it finds around its environment along with drawings and text. Exploring narratives, spontaneity, stream of consciousness, and process, FR3:ART has written and drawn on windows for the Blackwood Gallery, pavement during Culture Days, and newsprint/paper at Nuit Blanche.

Richard A. Posa


As an inquisitive and adventurous child, I would watch my father Sculptor Andrew K. Posa, work like a mad man chiseling away at giant blocks of marble and casting his own bronze sculptures. I don’t know if I was bred or born into it but in my 30+ year professional Art career I have indulged and created in many medias and hundreds of projects. One day in the early spring of 2003, I salvaged my first log. It was lying still, unwanted and rotting away. I cut into the 4ft diameter by 10ft maple log with my little 16" chainsaw. When the slab fell to the ground on a thick bed of shavings, it revealed the beautiful colour, flowing natural lines and patterns inside. I was hooked and didn’t stop salvaging logs for years. Ever since I have been sculpting and creating with the wood from those urban trees. Now in my mid 50’s I see my career again being hijacked by my love of trees and an indulgence into nature.

Sid Gendron

Indigenous Artist

Sidney Gendron is a Nationally known Indigenous artist and sawyer of environmentally sourced trees that have fallen due to storm or disease. This 200+ year old red oak branch(fallen in the year of 2000) section was known as a marker tree that trackers and explorers used on maps to know where they were. The hemp rope is over 100 years and originated from a cargo ship from the Toronto harbour.

Photo Credit: Stephen Uhraney


Participating Artists
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