James Bayford

Born and raised in Kelowna, BC and the surrounding area. James moved to Toronto in 2012 to attend the music program at Humber College, and has been working and creating in the city ever since. After travelling across the country via “Via Rail” in the summer of 2017 he has rekindled a past fascination with trains and the railroads that link our country together.

Although a major in Saxophone performance, recent projects have been focused on interdisciplinary collaboration, working with visual artists, projections and installations.

Taking inspiration from his 2017 train tour “coast-to-coast” – James has been going full steam ahead with this new and bold venture into installation art. He and his team of dedicated collaborators intend to show you our whole country, taking you from Vancouver to Halifax, showing all of the beauty that our country has to offer through interpretive improvisation accompanying projections.

We aim to show the good and the bad, and outline what Canada has done right, and what can be done to improve and reconcile with the past through images, music, and an all-encompassing experience.

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