Kadeem Dunn

My work is focussed primarily on the intersection of digital and physical spaces and how our lives can be altered through a combination of play and technology. As I identify as a Black Canadian and Jamaican, my work also focusses on the role that racialization plays in the both the production and consumption of technology and media, and society at large.

RACISM! is a friendly bubble shooter about the realities of navigating race in contemporary society. A pesky white bar obstructs your aim as you work to clear the screen of bubbles. Provocative and ironic, RACISM! confronts the concept of existing with multiple (sometimes conflicting) realities when navigating society and aims to contribute in reclaiming space of the racialized people within the gaming industry.

Set to debut at the Small Arms Society’s IN SITU festival (Nov. 8-10), this arcade cabinet will be painted by local artist Kedre Brown as an attempt at intervening in real-world space with critical game content.