Lila Lewis

Lila is one of Canada’s preeminent artists – exhibiting her works in multiple galleries throughout Canada and internationally. Born in New York City, in 1935 Lila received multiple degrees in literature, theatre arts and Fine Art form Brooklyn College, and the Universities of Iowa and Wisconsin.

Lila has taught or is teaching faculty with the Haliburton School of Art, Loyalist College, The Elephant Barn School, Koffler Gallery, the Toronto Watercolour Society, Visual Arts Mississauga, and the Georgina Bay School of the Arts. No stranger to multi disciplinary work Lila has painted performances in collaboration with a String Trio – Abigail  Richardson “The Pull” 2005 and has published a variety of collaborations including “Appassionata” in conjunction with the Art Gallery of Mississauga. In 2013 Lila was awarded the Artist Award of Distinction by the Art Gallery of Mississauga. A long-time resident of Port Credit Lila has inspired many young local artists with her work and practice.

My painting is an intense process which results in emotional an
abstracted work, deeply felt. The impetus is a response to a visual or emotional world … a sense of the space. The shapes are simplified and bold, saturated in colour and energetic brushwork. Space, time and energy … shape, colour and form.

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