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Lynne Mack 

Lynne started knitting scarves as jewellery – all her designs are original with colours, textures and combinations never repeated, making the pieces a unique wearable piece of art. Lynne started experimenting with free-form or chaos knitting. Knitting randomly in any direction, changing yarns colours on a whim to effect unique shapes and textures. This chaos knitting manifests itself into very unique and irregular shapes and into semi-controlled abstract patterns, emphasizing colour and texture. Lynne says that “the yarn takes on its unique life-form as it grows, twists, with almost a will of its own”. “The three dimensionality adds interesting perspectives.” Yarn is only one of several media available for free-form knitting– fabric, cord, tape, string, plastic, paper, raffia, elastic, wire, and embellished with beads, shells, feathers etc.

Making Place is where we as a local or global community function –socially, culturally or physically. Our places are our intimate connections within and out through the flow of everyday life. We protect and defend these
places rigorously. We have ‘adapted’ this Place to demonstrate our connected awareness of community through our eye of warm fuzzy sweaters. This expresses our collective power in a cohesive visual representation of the mundane and challenges our view of everyday places.  Making Space can be a material and abstract reflection of our being, beginning at a personal level and all the way reaching into the cosmos. Our special existence starts at birth when we cannot express ourselves but we can see and hear. Here our space is very intimate and connected to another human being. This is a dependent state of space which is very personal and vulnerable and from there our space grows.

Monica Czorny 

Monica Czorny is a very talented individual who expresses herself through texture of knitting and crocheting. Her work is influenced by the people she meets, and her life experiences. Monica articulates her passion, enthusiasm and zest for life through her creative activities that motivate those around her.

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