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Nisreen Askar

Nisreen Askar is a well-known artist in the city of Mississauga. Her paintings reflect a personal journey towards understanding beauty in her surroundings. Her images evoke a vital response displayed in interpretations of giving and love, mood and emotion. An experience. Her fascination with the constantly evolving patterns of nature inspire her, like notes on a sheet of music. Painting is Nisreen’s passion and motivation: something she feels is genetically encoded, as her childhood inspiration was her father, a renowned artist. Graduating with honours in
Fine Arts from Sheridan College, Oakville and a Visual Art Diploma from the International Career School, Nisreen has received numerous accolades and awards for her work. The diversity of nature, heritage, people
and culture of Mississauga have given her an endless stream of creative opportunities in the city she loves and calls home. An active member of the Art Gallery of Mississauga, Visual Arts Mississauga, Mississauga Arts
Council and Heritage Mississauga, Nisreen works at her studio in Port Credit.

My love for color has called to me forever. Deeply influenced by my artistic father, I took to painting when I was very young. My artistic work reflects the state of my senses, and my impressions and response to the
aesthetic side of nature and the elements I experience every day. The translation of this through colors and textural relationships become my inspiration, my creativity and my presence.

Nisreem photo by SCHOLTZ.jpg
Nisreem photo by SCHOLTZ(1).jpg
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