Noelle Hamlyn

I believe in creating considered work that blends concept with craft. I am intrigued by the possibilities of form and function. I am a hybrid creature with background in Technical Costume Creation, (PG Dip Fanshawe), Textiles, (Ad. Dip Sheridan) and Fibre (BFA School of the Art Institute Chicago) I dream of creating embodied work rooted in narrative. I am an Artist in Residence at the Living Arts Centre, Summer 2017/18 Resident at the Banff Centre for Creativity and will begin a Residency on Salt Spring Island in February. Through my practice I hope to one day acquire and deepen the ‘intelligence of my hands’.

My sense of place shifted when I left Canada to study. I was drawn to the representation of Canada - wearing a Maple Leaf suddenly seemed important. As a white woman of settler origin, I understood the stripes of the Hudson’s Bay Blanket to be the epitome of “Canadian” iconography, representing ‘our place.’ I undertook to spin and weave a Hudson’s Bay Blanket. But, research revealed alternative narratives. Learning about British troops infecting blankets with smallpox when trading with Indigenous Nations I realized my sense of place was constructed on colonial privilege. I began to reconsider my narrative. Look closely – my hand-written revisions on gampi paper are woven into the blanket stripes. The wool is hand spun – thick and tangled - a purposely imperfect textured surface much larger than a blanket. Its surface covers much. The shadow of the blanket is hand woven using a single strand. Its shadow distorts
the dominant blanket. I am more conscious now that everyday I walk between this shadow and this blanket – responsible for how my image casts in this place I call home

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