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Noni Kaur

Noni Kaur, an award-winning international installation artist, painter, obtained her Master of Arts (Visual Arts) from Curtin University of Technology, Australia. Her works have been featured in major visual arts events, Biennales and Triennials in Australia, Cuba, Canada, China, Japan, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Singapore, Bangladesh, USA among others. She has been practicing actively for the last 30 years, served on the Board of Directors at SAVAC , jury member on various art panels, is currently Professor in Visual & Digital Arts in Humber College, Ontario. Noni’s works explore the ephemeral quality of body mapped installations depicting vulnerability and fragility of issues that encompass the works. The labor intensive processes that involve the creation of the works further titillate and tease the viewer’s senses (taste, sight, touch and smell) which form an integral part of the work.

My interests lie in the body as an inner landscape; understanding the body through a negotiation with the concept of the  landscape. I am interested in discovering how the body navigates sensory spaces, bringing together taste, touch, smell, and sight as a way of extending the body into a broader physical space. My experience and view of the body as a landscape is composed of multisensory information. Earlier works (glow, slick, sliver & …where the wild roses grow scarlet and free) engaged patrons by attracting all senses. The body and its internal systems were evidenced by their engagement with the external environment. I am interested in looking at the impact of the environment on the human body through the ephemeral state of thework; the impact of the human body on the environment. This work maps and demands a dialogue of the translation, transformation of the external world in which my body as a female being lives in. The work attempts to communicate biological conditions, labor intensive rituals of preparations for the work as a result of cultural , sexual conditioning through race, gender.

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