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Ola Happy Feet

Ola is an artist, student, teacher and human. He breathes. He moves. You can find him as he moves through space.

Ohhhh what can I say? I am a work of art and my body is an instrument to the music. The feeling that comes from within my soul takes full control of my body in places you wouldn't imagine. I am passionate about my art and tell stories even when no one is watching . I express my happiness, cries and even affection through dance & when the music stops
my body keeps dancing because it has a soul of its own which is why am happiest when am entertaining because that's the only way to feed my soul by giving back joy to the world through dance .

Ola photo by VOITEK.jpg
Ola photo by VOITEK(2).jpg
Ola photo by VOITEK(1).jpg
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