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Rivendell Workshop

Rivendell is an idea, a place, and an identity; but then are not all places really just physical expressions of identity? Inhabited by fairies, Louise the larger, a 6’ spider, gnomes, closets in varying degrees of organization, elves, several dogs and for one summer an infestation of flying ants – Rivendell is the home of a couple of absent-minded professors who were forged in two different steel towns. On good days they manage to live gently, laugh often, and listen with care. On the not so-good-days ... well that is the stuff of stories which are typically followed by a smooth Scotch.

Cast time and space
This place holds onto its own …
Builds ethereal walls of memory, bone, chain, metal and paint
What have we found?
Who might be lost when a space becomes a place?

Rivendell by GABRIELA(1).jpg
Rivendell by GABRIELA.jpg
Rivendell photo by NETTIE.jpg
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