Sawmill Sid Inc.

Sawmill Sid Inc. are Urban Wood Specialists in the Sustainable, Social and Ecological solutions our company provides to urban wood waste. We are an award-winning family owned company that recovers urban wood that is typically tub-ground or wood chipped and sent to dumps around the GTA. Trees that have to come down due to disease, storms and development is turned into valuable wood products such as lumber & beams, wood slabs for furniture makers, artists & builders. When turned into wood products instead of wood chips, this captures Co2 from being emitted into the atmosphere. Last year We carbon locked 7200 TONNES of carbon emissions. 

The souls of trees are the lungs to human life and our survival – so life of a tree, is the life of our people. The roots are embedded deep and strong, like the foundation for this building. Like stewards of the trees, the Small Arms Society have been the stewards of this building - preserving the history, culture and to promote inclusivity to all of its people. So as sap is like the lifeblood of a tree - the lifeblood is what happens inside this place and we must always nourish it, respect it, and keep it flowing in this space. Like the canopy of a tree, we must put our arms together and form a protective shield understanding that all the trees in the forest are different organisms and face limiting factors. All the trees in the forest are not the same, but just as a people, we all require the same things to thrive

Creative Hub 1352 operates at the Small Arms Inspection Building, owned and operated by the City of Mississauga.
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