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Sheridan College

Students from Sheridan’s Second-Year Visual Merchandising Arts program and the Small Arms Society (SAS) worked together to reinvent a room at Small Arms Inspection Building that represents the CreativeHub 1352 brand and the community. The objective of the project was for the students to use their skills to creatively design and fabricate items, which introduces CreativeHub 1352 to the community as part of InSitu 2018 Festival.

The Small Arms Inspection Building is a historical monument located on the land of the Anishinaabe, Huron-Wendat, Haudenosaunee, and Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation. The building was constructed during the Second World War, and was mainly used to build weapons to support the war effort. It is a vital part of Canadian history, as it involved the changing role of women in the workforce, and is the only remaining building from the series of Small Arms Ltd. buildings.

Today, the SAS seeks to transform the building into a creative hub. Through the arts, heritage, environmental sciences and technology endeavors, CreativeHub 1352 looks forward to building a community where people can connect, collaborate, and create with one another. 


Visual Merchandising Arts students developed a room that visually represents the CreativeHub 1352’s history and community commitment. The design revolves around the use of the space from when it opened, to present day and includes a projection into the future. The three boxes represent images from the past, present, and aim for the future hub. In collaboration with the SAS, a timeline of the history of the Small Arms Inspection Building and CreativeHub 1352 has been developed; and, an adjacent wall allows people to write their thoughts and comments on what the hub means to them. Another interior wall highlights the vision of CreativeHub 1352. On the exterior of Room #15 a logo lightbox entrance sign identifies the space and reinforces the brand.

As a team, the students worked to create this interactive and engaging yet visually cohesive room that informs the audience about CreativeHub 1352.

Students: Rizva Ahmed, Emma Lewis, Qui Lan Song, and Chun-Yi Wu

Course Instructor – Karen Kritzer
Design Advisor – Louise Franklin
Design Production –Scott Rogers, Sheridan College
Print Production – Rob Bailey, Sheridan College
Small Arms Society, CreativeHub1352 Advisors:
Diane LaPointe, Mike Scholz, Kat Runnalls, Don McVie

Special thanks to our community sponsor & collaborator: Port Credit Community Foundation
Project Partners

Sheridan Architecture photo by GABRIELA(
Sheridan Architecture photo by GABRIELA.
Sheridan Architecture photo by GABRIELA(
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