Vanessa Logan

Vanessa Logan is a multi-disciplinary artist based in the community of Lakeview, Mississauga. Her work draws on repurposing historical or found objects and reconstituting them to create a new narrative. A graduate of Ryerson University’s New Media program, Vanessa specializes in interaction and experience design. She currently works as a technical artist and project manager developing exploratory apps for preschoolers at Sago Mini.

Lake invites residents of our community to relect on our relationship with Lake Ontario. Local history is often dug up in fragments - artifacts that when studied together reveal the full history. Mi Lake’s fragments juxtapose the face of current day Mississauga with historical images of inhabitants, architecture and culture.

Throughout the summer of 2017, local residents were asked to submit their fondest Lake Ontario visual memory to be included in the sculpture. Each individual beach glass fragment displays a unique image representing the bond between residents and the lake. Mimicking the nearby waves of Lake Ontario, the water coloured sea glass fragments create a cultural mosaic. From a distance, its water-like presence shimmers, but up close, its images beckon the viewer nearer to browse the images. For those from the community who submitted content, it allows them to explore, in search of their own personal artifact.

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