Yarn Blitzers

Yarm Blitzers are a group of artists who have contributing their time and talents to the creation of Fibre Art in and for the community since 2015. Yarn Blitzing is now known for the creation of Fibre Art knitted, crocheted, loomed, felted or sewn and installed in a public place. The original and sometimes whimsical pop-up installations have evolved through the camaraderie of the individuals who collectively and creatively contribute to a project’s concept. The artist collective is led by Visual Artist, Susan Mentis, who designs and executes projects intended to evoke a dialogue about art, social and  environmental issues.

"Flight Plight, 2018"

The Small Arms Society Monarch Project started the restoration of the water tower field to encourage the return of Monarch Butterflies to the Creative Hub site. Internal signals for select species initiate the annual journey to habitats with the promise of perpetuation. Transparent flyways and transient skyways hold fast  the invisible threads of navigation and complex migration patterns. Canada Geese search out legendary places and call us to follow them on a spiritual quest. Artificial filament routes, in colours symbolic of the compass directions, will aid dis-oriented species seeking migrant habitat now under precarious environmental conditions. White signifies North and wisdom; Yellow, illumination of the East; Black, the West and female energy; Blue, Father Sky and the Great Star Nation; Red, of the South and energy of faith; Green, the energy of Mother Earth and all things growing. The filaments combined bring to light the global dilemma of species survival.

Yarn Blitzer Flight Plight by SCHOLTZ(6)
Yarn Blitzer Flight Plight by SCHOLTZ(5)

"A Remembrance, 2018"

Poppies blow between the crosses, row on row saluting the Canadian military personnel and civilians who have died in conflict.  Especially the women, Canadian Women’s Army Corps (CWAC), Canadian Women’s Auxiliary Air Force (CWAAF – ‘Wids’) and the Women’s Royal Canadian Naval Service (WRCNS) who endured hardship while in service. It was a daunting challenge during the war effort that all women met with hope and courage. Row on row we mark our place in history at the Small Arms Inspection Building and as a lasting tribute to the Army Navy & Airforce Veterans Club.

Yarn Blitzer Remembrance Poppy Room by G

"Spun Out"

Patterns of motion are captured on outdated racing bicycles not operational or functioning to serve and move people. Out of style, worn-out and no place to go. Stationed on the road of life, the triad yield sign configuration represents generations of women continually faced with routes to either stop or go; yield or persevere. 

Bound together, the wheels are stuck in time like the memories for all those familiar with yarn items made by hand by generations of women. There is a duality hidden in the artful wheel patterns that decorate yet disguise the unsightly and underlying stigma of old and useless. Targeted wheels draw attention to the roles of women in manufacturing during WWII to reveal their legacy of strength. Lights make visible the directional signs for a lane change out of hidden darkness towards enlightenment and awareness in a renovated Creative Hub.

Yarn Blitzer Spun Out by GABRIELA.jpg