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In Situ 2016 - Multi Arts Festival

October 27-29, 2016

Small Arms Inspection Building

1352 Lakeshore Rd. E,

Mississauga, ON L5E 1E9

This three day immersive multi-disciplinary event held in October showcased the creative and imaginative talents of local artists in site-specific performances and exhibitions epitomizing our connection to the history of the building and our hopes for the future.


In Situ brought together over 2,200 students, artists, and community members, engaging over 750 local secondary and post-secondary students in daytime learning opportunities. Over 150 up-and-coming visual artists, musicians, photographers, videographers, dancers and theatre performers had the opportunity to showcase their work. The event also hosted the debut performance of Creature - Mississauga's first promenade style site specific dance theatre production created by Frog in Hand.


Most importantly, In Situ demonstrated the impressive capacity of our community - as from idea to realization, In Situ was entirely orchestrated by volunteers. Over 500 people including local service clubs were involved in the planning and hosting of the event.


Our sincerest thanks to all our friends and supporters who made this event possible.

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