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We are looking for dynamic and passionate individuals who share a vision for arts, heritage, environment and advancing innovation and creativity.   


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Become a volunteer.

Have the chance to be a part of an exciting cause, right in your own backyard!

Volunteering with the Creative Hub is a great way to support some wonderful arts, heritage and environmental  programming at the local level. You will get to meet and build relationships with people who share your interests while you share your skills and talents with us or even develop some new transferable skills.

Get Started

Ready to get involved? The first step is to complete a volunteer application form.  Fill out each section as fully as possible, and if you have a special interest, skill or talent – be sure to indicate on your application!
Once your application is complete, you’ll receive a welcome email.  Orientation is done on a per-event basis.  Your level of participation is truly up to you, but we hope you will be ready to roll up your sleeves and join us, all for a good cause that directly benefits you and the community.
We welcome applications to volunteer for ongoing roles in our many different programming areas throughout the year and for specific events as needed. Currently, we are recruiting Volunteers for Lakeview Farmers’ Market, every Sunday until October 11.  
We accept volunteers ages 15 to 115 – no experience necessary!


If you have any questions about your eligibility to volunteer or concerns about your specific needs in a volunteer role, please contact us directly at We're more than happy to provide you with more information.


Give your support to the community and cause that gives back to you.

Inspiration needs a home. Help us encourage local talent, remember our past, support environmental initiatives and create dreams! Your generous donation will directly support our efforts to reimagine this building as a Creative Hub in the heart of the community.


Why Sponsor?

A cause worth supporting.

Your funds will go directly to where they are needed most. We are a volunteer-driven organization, and ensure that more than 90% of the funds raised is funneled directly to support the arts, culture, heritage, and environmental initiatives.

Gain visibility and reach your audience.

Collaborating with like-minded individuals and organizations, we help our sponsors reach a large segment of the community in Mississauga and the GTA. We have a diverse audience, and we work with sponsors to give their brand maximum exposure through various marketing channels.

We customize your gifts and sponsors.

This will involve a little more work, yes. But we feel it is important to ensure you receive good value for your support and we meet your needs.

To learn more about supporting our cause and becoming a sponsor, contact

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