Meet the team at the CreativeHub 1352


Team Members

  • Stephen Griggs
    Stephen Griggs

    Co-Chair (Executive Committee)

  • Paul Michel
    Paul Michel

    Co-Chair (Executive Committee)

  • Sue Archibald
    Sue Archibald

    Director Programs – Visual Arts

  • Brenda Armstrong
    Brenda Armstrong

    Director - Volunteer Development

  • Amy Benoit
    Amy Benoit

    Director, Human Resources

  • Upasna Chandna
    Upasna Chandna

    Director, Marketing & Communications

  • Jim Judge
    Jim Judge

    Director, Lakeview Community, Environment

  • Sabra Desai
    Sabra Desai

    Director, Community Development & Outreach

  • David Howes
    David Howes


  • Leon Song
    Leon Song

    Treasurer (Executive Committee)

  • Judy Radan
    Judy Radan

    Secretary (Executive Committee)

  • Jack Sloggett
    Jack Sloggett


  • Dr. Georgette Zinaty
    Dr. Georgette Zinaty

    Director, Fund Development

  • Michael Spaziani
    Michael Spaziani

    Advisor, Architect MSAi

  • Jasmine Sawant
    Jasmine Sawant


  • Diane LaPointe
    Diane LaPointe


  • Catherine Kai Lin Cha
    Catherine Kai Lin Cha

    Graphic Design

  • Brianne Franklin
    Brianne Franklin

    Program Coordinator (Intern)

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