Community Living Room

Come join us in the heart of Creative Hub 1352. Enter the living room to connect; stay to collaborate, find joy in creation and become part of our community!

A second living room just for you.

We've created an intimate place in this creative space!

A comfortable communal living room style gathering space within the Creative Hub. Come settle, socialize, create, learn be rejuvenated and inspired.

Share, lead, innovate, collaborate and connect!

A shared working space for the intersection of folk and ideas.

Connect with neighbours, community entrepreneurs, artists, environmentalists, foodies, historians. Experience working in a flexible space or just enjoy each other’s company. Be part of your creative community!

Meet, mingle, mix and learn.

Celebrate community!

Enjoy yourself, stretch your imagination, explore your creativity, or just get to know your neighbours. Join us for social gatherings, workshops, interpretive adventures, environmental pursuits and more. Interested in food, gardening, heritage, arts, butterflies, bees and more, then this is the place for you!


The Community Living Room is a gathering space for individuals and groups curious about arts, heritage, environment technology and interested in becoming a part of the Creative Hub 1352.


Some of the space is designed for socializing or networking, some for working, some for learning, some for creating, some for meeting and some for just relaxing and having fun.

Booking & Information

For more information about collaborative programming opportunities in the Community Living Room please contact Creative Hub 1352 at

For booking inquiries to rent the Small Arms Inspection Building, please contact

Creative Hub 1352 operates at the Small Arms Inspection Building, owned and operated by the City of Mississauga.
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