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Frog in Hand.

Dance Theatre Company

Frog in Hand is a Mississauga-based company of curious storytellers and intentional dance-theatre practitioners. They venture in-and-out of contemporary dance, theatre, and visual arts. They are a not-for-profit and function as a collective of artists who create, perform and teach. Over the next two years they propose to perform, teach, and create in the Small Arms Inspection Building.


Frog in Hand plans to research how to use the space to their advantage – studying lines of sight, the flow of traffic, and ways they might surprise the audience. Considering the building as a heritage site, they plan to use the space to develop thematic material, poetic resonance, historical context, and as a site to uncover, craft, and tell stories.


They believe a long-term residency will dramatically transform not only the way they work and what they make, but also who they are as artists; transcending simple community engagement to unify with the community and co-create an identity.


As contemporary, cross-disciplinary, site-specific artists in Mississauga, they feel they are an underrepresented art form and are eager to generate awareness of their practice.


Colleen Snell and Noelle Hamlyn of Frog in Hand believe this residency will offer an unprecedented period of stability, building trust with audiences and communities through regular engagement in performances, workshops and artistic creation, generating momentum for the arts.

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