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The Lakeview Village
InSitu Multi-Arts Festival 2024:
The Lost Edition

March 21, 22 & 23, 2024

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Since 2016, InSitu has embraced the potency of creativity in defining “place"; an opportunity to reconsider, redefine and reclaim the Small Arms Inspection Building.

Presented by CreativeHub 1352, the fourth bi-annual, award winning InSitu Multi-Arts Festival returns to the Small Arms Inspection Building March 21-23, 2024, inviting the community to experience immersive art installations and performance. The Lakeview Village InSitu Multi-Arts Festival 2024: The Lost Edition will promote Mississauga artists and performers, attracting audiences from across Mississauga, Southern Ontario, and Canada in a 3 day celebration of visual and installation art, dance, music and Mississauga’s creative communities.

Dive into a unique realm where The Lost Museum leaps from the digital to the physical in InSitu 2024: The Lost Edition. Join us for an immersive experience as artists transform into curators, crafting captivating narratives through interactive installations. Encounter physical and dance theatre artists as they embody Lost Museum 'employees,' enticing you to explore extraordinary collections in the enigmatic Small Arms Inspection Building locale. Embrace the fusion of art, performance, and community collaboration like never before. 

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Past Winner:

Lost Highlights 
Media Gallery

Photo Credit: Sandborg Productions & Michael Lemiski


InSitu Lost Collections

Meet The Curators Behind The Collections

Previous InSitu Multi-Arts Festival Renditions

InSitu Multi-Arts Festival 2016
InSitu Multi-Arts Festival 2016

This three day immersive multi-disciplinary event held in October showcased the creative and imaginative talents of local artists in site-specific performances and exhibitions epitomizing our connection to the history of the building and our hopes for the future.

InSitu Multi-Arts Festival 2018: Making Space, Making Place
InSitu Multi-Arts Festival 2018: Making Space, Making Place

Immersive, interactive and site-sensitive dance, music and art will animate this wonderful, partially retrofitted historic building.

InSitu Multi-Arts Festival 2021: The Lost Museum
InSitu Multi-Arts Festival 2021: The Lost Museum

Here you will find things, you will not find anywhere else. The virtual museum features the work of numerous students, artists, and cultural producers.

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All photos courtesy of Noelle Hamlyn Studios and Sandborg Productions. 

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