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Moises Frank.

Graffiti Artist

Moises is a graffiti artist who turned a hobby into a career without any formal training. He grew up painting on the streets and in abandoned spaces. At age 16 he began taking his hobby more serious and decided to do it professionally.


Moises’ work does not stop at the paintings he creates. He works mainly with arts education programs in an effort to engage youth in his artistic process. He teaches around the Jane and Finch area, Scarborough, across apartment buildings, community centres, recreation centres, detention centres and shelters. He shares his story and his hip hop graffiti with youth.


Moises looks forward to bringing an interesting subculture of hip hop and graffiti into the residency program at the Small Arms Society. Being a millennial in hip hop provides him with an interesting insight of what the evolution of hip hop can be and how he can help involve more community.


His goal at the residency program is to engage youth in Mississauga so he can help empower them and provide them with valuable knowledge, teach them useful skills and allow them the opportunity to experience just how powerful graffiti and art can be.  

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