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Director of Programs

Mississauga, ON, Canada

Job Type

Volunteer Board of Directors Opportunity

About the Role

The CreativeHub 1352 Director of Programs is a voting member of the Board of Directors
and appointed in a manner consistent with the bylaws of the organization. CreativeHub
1352’s Director of Programs works collaboratively with the Chair, Board of Directors,
volunteers, and staff to support the Board in program development and policy.


The Director of Programs oversees and advises the CreativeHub 1352 Board on all program development matters and is responsible for:

● Manage policies, strategies, and activities to develop a powerful portfolio of programs

and events, designed to align with the CreativeHub 1352’s vision, values, and brand

while achieving robust revenue goals;

● Work in conjunction with CreativeHub 1352 staff and Board Members to ensure

program and event teams and committees follow organizational best practices;

● Identify, review, and support opportunities for new and existing program partnerships

and activations;

● Support CreativeHub 1352 event committees in program formulation, logistics, and


● Other duties as required.


● A commitment to the organisation’s mission and strategic directions;

● Demonstrated experience in developing community programming and collaborating

with community partners on large-scale events and programs;

● Knowledge and experience in best practices in program policy;

● Knowledge and/or experience in the Mississauga arts, heritage, and environmental


● Relevant College and/​or University degree or applicable experience;

● Strong interpersonal, communication (oral and written), team-building and problem-

solving skills;

● Volunteer Board Experience is an asset.




Volunteer position

About CreativeHub 1352

CreativeHub 1352 is looking for a Director of Programs to join our Board of Directors and
manage the program development of the organization.
CreativeHub 1352 is a non-profit, charitable, community-driven organization which exists for
the advancement of community cultural development through the arts, heritage, and
environmental sciences.

CreativeHub 1352 is one of many groups vital to the reuse of the
Small Arms Inspection Building, a historically significant site, owned and operated by the
City of Mississauga. As a community programming partner, we deliver a mix of programs,
projects, education, and events that foster collaboration, engage the community, and enrich
people's lives. All proceeds are reinvested to support community arts, heritage and
environmental programs.

To Apply

Please send your resume to David Howes, at:

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