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2017; What an Exciting Year!

Over the year, we have witnessed the many renovations taking place at the Small Arms Building. In Spring 2017, The City of Mississauga completed the acquisition of the Small Arms Building and approximately 9 acres of developable lands. The city began the process for Phase One remediation. The City of Mississauga has been busy working with contractors, suppliers and the community, to rehabilitate the south portion of the building. Approximately $4.8M has been allocated to Phase 1 of the renovations and by mid 2018 we anticipate approximately 19,000sf of space will be available for public use. HOW EXCITING!

June 17th: Groundbreaking Ceremony.

On June 17th, the Small Arms Society celebrated a huge step in our journey at the official ground-breaking ceremony. The event was held on the grounds of the building, officiated by Mayor Bonnie Crombie, Ward I Councillor Jim Tovey, MP Sven Spengemann, and MPP Minister of Finance Charles Sousa. The ceremony included the planting of three historic Vimy Oak trees - each grown from acorns collected at Vimy Ridge. They represent a poignant connection to the people who worked at the Small Arms Building and their contribution to the war effort. Special guests included the women (pictured above, front row) who had worked in the building in the 1940s. Read more. Foundational Work: With no public access to the building this year, the Small Arms Society (SAS) put their attention to planning, foundational work and creating public awareness of the project. Here are a few highlights:

  • Board development with the recruitment of 5 new directors;

  • Enhanced SAS website and social media platforms;

  • Input to the City's SAB Building Renovation Phase I Project;

  • Creative Hub Program Delivery Model;

  • Participation in community events along with the City's Official Groundbreaking of SAB on June 17th;

  • Ecosource and SAS - "Sustainable Mississauga - Education and Action for Change Project" funding and approval for 3-year project;

  • Collaboration with Ontario College of Art (OCAD) students in Participatory Design Concepts for the proposed SAB Community Living Room;

  • Planning with Ecosource, City of Mississauga and SAS for a Community Garden in 2018 on the Small Arms Building site; and

  • Curriculum development for future wood making projects at SAB in 2018.

Awards: SAS was also proud to receive award recognition from Legends Row - Walk of Fame and Heritage Mississauga - The Credits Award for Modern Heritage;

Artwork Acquisitions: As part of In Situ 2016 from Cawthra Park Secondary School students and potter Gen Patchel;

Students from the Regional Arts Program at Cawthra Park Secondary were invited to the Small Arms Inspection Building in 2016 for a workshop with Artist Jane Mothersell, who gave them the task of capturing the incredible space in her Wabi Sabi painting workshop. Small Arms Board purchased the set of paintings which will become part of a legacy art collection to be installed in the building sometime in mid 2018 after the completion of Phase 1 of the restoration.

Events and Public Initiatives: In summer, we partnered with Waterlutions to create "Great Arts for Great Lakes ", a public art initiative featuring local artist Vanessa Logan. MiLake asks community residents to reflect on their relationship with Lake Ontario, and how it affects their lives. The artwork will be permanently located in the Small Arms Building; Read more.

2018: Reopening of the Small Arms Building By mid 2018, the building will reopen for the public. What will it mean to you? How can you get involved? More than ever we will need your input and involvement to make the Creative Hub@1352 a success.

Consider your New Year's resolution to include the Small Arms Building; whether as a volunteer, funder or advisor, you can make a difference. Please spread the word and join us!

We are proud and inspired by the dedication and commitment of our Board of Directors. Without their support and leadership we would not be able to deliver on the numerous initiatives over the past year. Our thanks to the City of Mississauga and special thanks to Councillor Ward I Jim Tovey, whose vision, support and leadership will enable the public to enjoy this special place in the future.

Our volunteers and community leaders will continue to play a pivotal role in creating a truly engaging Creative Hub. We are thankful for the tremendous support we have received in the past.

To everyone who shares our vision and passion in shaping the future of the Small Arms Inspection Building as a Creative Hub, we look forward to an exciting year in 2018.

Connect. Create. Collaborate.

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