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Education Outreach Program

Multi-disciplinary workshops for students whose curiosity knows no boundaries. Have an idea or something to share? Get in touch!

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Professional artists and educators.

Talented residents who teach what they're best at.

Workshops are designed and taught by artists-in-residence with the Creative Hub 1352. These professionals come from diverse backgrounds with unique training across disciplines, including dance, drama and visual arts.

Interactive learning.

For students who work best doing fun, hands-on activities.

Active, participatory programming is an important emphasis in all workshops. Curriculum material is taught through engaging activities that allow students to learn in different ways about important school topics.

A creative and collaborative space.

An open learning space for individuals of all kinds.

The Small Arms Inspection Building is a creative hub with a rich heritage in the Mississauga area. It is an open space ideal for collaboration between students, educators, professionals and community members. This special space drives possibilities for learning and developing together. 


CreativeHub Workshops

Wabi Sabi Paintings by Grade 10 Cawthra High School Students 2016

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