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Lakeshore Art Trail's Artist Spotlight

Mark your calendars and prepare to embark on a visual journey like no other, as the 22nd Annual Lakeshore Art Trail beckons art enthusiasts to a captivating showcase of local brilliance.

Taking place at the iconic Small Arms Inspection Building on October 21-22, 2023, this year's edition promises a concentrated burst of creativity in a single, dynamic location.

Traditionally spanning the scenic villages of Clarkson, Port Credit, and Lorne Park, the Lakeshore Art Trail is no stranger to showcasing the talents of local visual artists, whether in their studios or within the charming local businesses.

Leslie Buckle

Immersing herself in the world of oil paint, Leslie Buckle masterfully harnesses the flowing and blending qualities of the medium, infusing her canvases with a symphony of colors and textures.

We asked her, "Who are your biggest influences?"

The inspiration for my oil paintings comes from the beauty I see around me. I work exclusively from photographs that I have taken myself, so each painting reflects what I have perceived to be exquisite or inspiring.

Doreen Renner

Doreen Renner's artistic palette comes alive with the fluidity of watermedia, where acrylics and watercolours dance in harmony, often accompanied by an intriguing interplay of collage, markers, pencils, and crayons, all converging to create captivating textures and lines.

We asked her, "Who are your biggest influences?"

My biggest influences are Cy Twombly, Joan Mitchell, Helen Frankenthaler and Richard Diebenkorn.


Adriana Rinaldi

A master of oil paint and a visionary artist, is among the select few chosen to have her creative journey shared in an immersive and engaging way.

We asked her,

"Who are your biggest influences?"

I love realism painters because if they are good, they can make a painting pop by capturing depth and the darkness and light reflected on their subject matter. It can grow to be a 3D painting, like a neon sign, with the right technique.


Sandra Robson

Sandra Robson's artistic expression flourishes through the vibrant realm of acrylics, where the allure of bright colors and the rapid drying process converge to foster an atmosphere of spontaneous and energetically decisive movements.

We asked her, "When is your favourite time of day to create and why?"

My favourite time of day to work is sunrise. I thrive in the quiet, the warmth of the sun on my back with a view of the garden and a freshly brewed teapot at my side.


Tsochoy Go

Steering his creative voyage, Tsochoy Go finds joy in the versatile world of acrylics, channeling his artistic vision through this dynamic medium.

We asked him, "Where do you most enjoy working?"

I usually do it at my home somewhere isolated depending on the situation, usually the basement where I paint however I feel. Drawings & sketches, I travel around in different places I suppose.

Rosemary Broos

Rosemary Broos' artistic muse blossoms through the versatile medium of oil, drawing boundless inspiration from the captivating beauty of nature's enchanting tapestry.

We asked her, "Where do you find your inspiration?"

My inspiration comes from the colours sights and sounds that Mother Nature has provided for us in all her glory.


Jackie Gallagher

Jackie began her artistic journey painting with watercolour but now prefers working in coloured pencil for better precision and colour depth. However, she will mix various media (coloured pencil, watercolour, graphite) to obtain the desired effect.

We asked her, "Where do you find your inspiration?"

Jackie’s mainly floral and botanical compositions are influenced by her love of nature, especially plants. She finds inspiration at home or while exploring various urban and rural settings. She chooses her subjects to paint by their simplicity, contours, and flow as well as their imagery and architectural shapes.

Amanda Gonsalves

Amanda Gonsalves' artistic passion thrives within the world of acrylic paint, where her canvases come alive through a symphony of rich layers, expressive markings, and tantalizing textures.

We asked her, "Where do you find your inspiration?"

Art is important in today’s world as it can move us, connect us and help us to remember our shared humanity. Creative expression in whatever form it takes, reminds us that we have far more in common and in an increasingly divisive world remembering our shared human experiences is welcomed.

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