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Lakeshore Art Trail's Artist Spotlight Part 2

Mark your calendars and prepare to embark on a visual journey like no other, as the 22nd Annual Lakeshore Art Trail beckons art enthusiasts to a captivating showcase of local brilliance.

Taking place at the iconic Small Arms Inspection Building on October 21-22, 2023, this year's edition promises a concentrated burst of creativity in a single, dynamic location.

Traditionally spanning the scenic villages of Clarkson, Port Credit, and Lorne Park, the Lakeshore Art Trail is no stranger to showcasing the talents of local visual artists, whether in their studios or within the charming local businesses.

Vanaja Cotroneo

Drawing inspiration from the serenity of water, the enchantment of forests, the grace of flowers, and the captivating essence of pets and people, Vanaja Cotroneo's artistic journey gracefully unfolds through the harmonious interplay of oils and acrylics.

We asked her, "Describe how art is important to society?"

Art gives the artist the freedom to express what is in their soul, and the viewer to receive it with a sense of wonderment. It lifts the spirits of both, and brings beauty and brightness to what might be drab.

Layal Annan

Layal Annan's artistic realm flourishes with the versatility of acrylics, enabling her to effortlessly navigate intricate details within a short span of time, while her creations radiate an enchanting blend of architectural marvels and fantastical elements.

We asked her, "Where do you find your Inspiration?"

I find my inspiration in illustration and concept art. I also combine fashion in my architectural designs using soft flowy lines and details inspired by embroidery and jewellery.


Alison Syer

Alison Syer's artistic journey is a dynamic exploration that ebbs and flows with creativity, venturing into the captivating realm of textiles where she fearlessly experiments with quilting and diverse techniques, reflecting the ever-changing essence of her craft.

We asked her, "to describe how art is important to society?"

Art can help both artist and viewer better understand themselves, the world around them, and their place within it.


Aerie Lee

Aerie Lee's creative spirit soars through her preferred medium of oil and mixed media, where wood and canvas become her captivating canvas, often adorned with the unique and textured inclusion of strings that add an extraordinary depth to her artistry.

We asked her, "Where do you find your inspiration?"

I am mainly inspired by God's creations, impressions from daily life and sharing with people around me.


Katrina Abrahams

Katrina Abrahams' artistic journey finds its truest expression through the beloved medium of oil, where her creations come to life with depth, vibrancy, and a masterful interplay of hues.

We asked her, "Where do you find your inspiration?"

I find my inspiration in the world around me including the faces I see, flowers on my daily walks, and emotions I experience.

Michael Kolesar

Michael Kolesar's artistic passion is intricately woven into the exquisite world of oil-based coloured pencils on acid-free paper, where his mastery of portraiture flourishes, nurtured by over five decades of creating commissioned artworks.

We asked him, "Where do you most enjoy working?"

I enjoy working in my studios which are located in my home.


Leo Dias

Leo Dias' artistic journey ventures into the captivating realm of mixed media, where tissue paper meets acrylic paints on canvas in a harmonious dance, occasionally accompanied by the intriguing addition of found objects like driftwood, resulting in creations that echo the beauty of serendipitous exploration.

We asked him, "Where do you find your inspiration?"

In this exploration, I am hoping that humans develop empathy for all creatures and would desire to protect them and preserve the ecosystems that are vital, in the survival of all creatures.

Jo Ann Wilton

Jo Ann Wilton's artistic world blossoms through the delicate interplay of watercolour, ink, and wash, where her creations exude a fusion of fluid elegance and expressive depth.

We asked her, "Where do you

find your inspiration?"

I get my inspiration from actually seeing the subjects I paint. I have been fortunate enough to do a lot of traveling and so try to interpret the meaning and the feeling of those first-hand resources into my work.

Neerja Trehan

Neerja Trehan's artistic journey is a vibrant reflection of nature's hues and vitality, as her mixed media creations weave bold brushstrokes, shimmering gold leaf, poignant charcoal, and vivid colors into a symphony of movement and life, ultimately crafting pieces that transcend fleeting beauty and resonate with the eternal essence of the human soul.

We asked her, "Describe how art is important to society?"

Art is the heartbeat of society, echoing its culture, inspiring change, and speaking to our emotions. Engaging with art fuels creativity and ignites imagination. Recognized for its healing power, art therapy fosters emotional well-being. Moreover, art education cultivates essential skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication.

Celina Melo

Celina Melo's artistic journey flourishes within the realm of acrylic and mixed media, where her innovative approach brings forth captivating textures through modeling paste and cheesecloth, seamlessly blending acrylics into a landscape that gracefully navigates the delicate balance between abstraction and realism, adorned with gestural lines and reflective pools that breathe life into her painted imagery.

We asked her, "Who are your biggest influences?"

I am inspired by Abstract Expressionism - specifically Helen Frankenthaler’s colour-field painting technique of pouring and staining the canvas.


Tim Johnston

Tim Johnston's artistic path finds its focus through the lens of photography, where his creative narrative unfolds in captivating visual stories.

We asked him, "Who are your biggest influences?"

Surrealists contributed a great idea to modern art- the subconscious. Whether carving, drawing or creating photographs, the many decisions I make during the creative process are driven by intuition and a sense of balance.
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