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Meet the Exhibiting Artists at the Mississauga Festival of Trees!

Photo: Michael Scholz

The festival hosts 17 installations from a diverse group of artists, including community groups, independent artists, and postsecondary students.

Open to artists’ interpretations, these curated installations celebrate the winter season and the unique, diverse experiences and communities of Mississauga.

The festival takes place from December 9-19th at the beautiful, historic Small Arms Inspection Building. The art installations are on display throughout the entire 10 days of the Mississauga Festival of Trees.

We can't be more delighted to introduce to you the artists whose work you will be able to experience at the festival!


Adrian Baker

The Mother Tree


Photo: Sanborg Productions

The Mother Tree is part of an ongoing socially engaged art project called “Net Work”, inspired by the underground webs of tree roots and mycorrhizal fungi that enable trees to communicate, to exchange water, nutrients, and chemical messages.

The Heartwood Moon

D&S Projects


The Heartwood Moon, by D&S Projects, made up of Katie Strang & Christine Dewancker, is a wood piling installation crafted with the Norwegian technique of stacking firewood in a circular pile as a framework for a lunar calendar.

A Touch of Diversity

Ebru Kur | www.ebrukur.com

Photo: Sanborg Productions

Ebru Kur's A Touch of Diversity was inspired by the history and nature of Mississauga. In this installation, Kur was inspired by the paper Christmas trees from her childhood memories.

Branches Of Many Dreams

Jungle Ling | @jungle_ling