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The Residency Program

Providing a blank canvas for people to do what they do best.

About the Residency Program
A beautiful, collaborative space.

See for yourself. Get in touch to meet us in the building for a tour.

As a Resident with CreativeHub 1352 @ the Small Arms Inspection Building, you have an opportunity to share in this unique space and discover Mississauga’s creative community. 

Contribute with your knowledge, skills, and experience.

With a minimal monthly fee, our Residents contribute their skills to give back to the community in exchange for use of the space.

Plan a workshop, propose a project, and work with one of the many initiatives and events with CreativeHub 1352.  

Here, 2+2 can equal 5.

We believe that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

If you are an artist, environmentalist, historian, activist, or innovator, you can create with us while contributing to growth of the community!

Current Residents

Meet our past residents.

Become a resident

Become a resident.


The Creative Hub 1352 considers practitioners, individuals and organizations, working in arts, heritage, environmental sciences, technology (innovation) and/or multidisciplinary practices to submit proposals to participate in our Residency Program. ​

As the intention of the Residency Program is to establish a creative community within the building, we are seeking individuals, non-profits, companies and collectives who are excited about using a large, shared and flexible space while also contributing to a shared community culture.  

Residency’s are considered from time based on the availability of program space that the CreativeHub 1352 rents from the City of Mississauga each year.

Interested in a Residency? 

Residencies are considered for projects, supporting CreativeHub events and initiatives that compliment the work we do in the community. 

Proposals are considered on an ongoing basis.  Interested applicants are encouraged to contact CreativeHub 1352 in advance of a submission at: to discuss the proposal.  

A representative will contact you to follow-up.  Applicant’s that are considered will have an opportunity to meet onsite and discuss the residency proposal in more detail.  Applicants that are considered for a residency will then complete an application form, review guidelines and submit references.  The final submission is reviewed and approved by CreativeHub 1352. 

From time to time CreativeHub 1352 will prepare a Residency Call to Artists inviting participants to apply.   

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